Cool Toned Eyeshadow Palettes

As you know, I LOVE my cool toned shadows so this list is featuring some of my favorite palettes that incorporate mostly cooler tones, as well as some other cooler toned eye products. Hopefully as cooler tones become more recognized in the industry, I will be able to add more and more but for now, this is it!

Palettes –

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette: This is the best palette Anastasia has ever created! From the packaging to the shadows, this is my all time favorite! The shimmer shadows are so intense & glittery! The mattes are the perfect cool toned shadows but can also be used as neutral transition shadows! It’s so beautiful and a must have if you love cool tones!

Dose of Colors Pretty Cool Palette: This is a newer one to my collection but has quickly become a must! I love matte shadows in general and the Dose of Colors 5 pan eyeshadow palettes are seriously so underrated! This one again is incredible! I feel like the shadows are truly cool toned. They don’t pull neutral on the eye and can be worn for every day wear (which I love). Of course you can build these up for a super intense smokey eye look like shown here, but for simple everyday cool toned looks, this is a beautiful palette.

Milani Soft and Sultry Palette: This is the best drugstore palette on the market in my opinion (but I only wear neutrals and cool tones now so keep that in mind lol). But specifically, this is the best cool tone drugstore / affordable palette. I have yet to find anything that beats this. It is also a great alternative to the Sultry palette by ABH. I say alternative because the shimmers aren’t as glittery as the Sultry but it still similar! This is also an amazing palette if you want to get into cool tones because it’s not incredibly expensive and won’t break the bank incase you don’t end up using it that often!

Natasha Denona Star Palette: This is where it all began lol I bought this palette because I loved the mix of colors and then ever since that moment, I have loved cool tones. This is a mix of warm, neutral and cool tones and in my opinion is the most “valuable” palette Natasha Denona has due to the variety! If you want to purchase one, I recommend this one!

Persona Cosmetics Identity Palette:  This palette is incredibly underrated. It is technically created for brown eyed people but I feel like anyone can use this! Again, this has a mix of warm, cool and neutral but I feel like the majority of this palette offers more cool/neutral tones. The formula of this is so luxurious and very beginner friendly. This would be a great palette to kinda start off your cool toned collection!

Individual Eye Products –

Hourglass “Smoke” Scattered Lights Shadow: These are incredibly expensive and most can be totally duped by Colourpop Super Shock shadows but this one. The shade “smoke” specifically is unlike any shadow. It pairs beautifully with matte cool tone shadows and is absolutely breathtaking on the eye. This is very glittery but in the best way possible. The color is truly unlike anything I have within my entire makeup collection and if you love shimmer cool tones, this is a must have in your collection.

Flower Beauty “Bullet” Warrior Glitter Shadow: This is the closest thing I have found to the Hourglass Smoke shadow. It’s not an exact dupe by any means but is the closest I have been able to find. It is more purple toned than the smoke shadow and has more chunky glitter in it. Similarly to the scattered lights collection, I find most of this collection to be “basic.” They are all beautiful and I do use/love them a lot but my most used and the most unique color in my opinion is specifically the bullet one. I really love this and is one of the best drugstore cool toned glitters!

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner “Glam Rock”: this is a basic silver glitter but looks beautiful

I do have a video where I cover all of my favorite cool toned products which you can click here to watch! I do include much more in this video so I would check it out!

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