True Crime Podcasts | 2019

I absolutely love listening to podcasts on my phone because they are a great way to pass time, free to use and there are 1,000 different topics to choose from. Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all my favorite true crime podcasts!

  1. Cold | This podcast is all about the heartbreaking disappearance of Susan Powell. Susan disappeared in 2009 in Utah and still to this day is considered a missing person. This podcast dives into Susans life and takes us through the process of the investigation. This is definitely for those who enjoy learning about missing person cases and is not for the faint of heart!

2. Serial | Serial was the first true crime podcast I had ever listened to and would listen to it every day during my college “walking class” (yay for classes that provide you absolutely no benefit and are a complete waste of time but a “requirement” for college). I quickly became hooked on true crime podcasts after listening to the Adnan Syed case and finished Season 2 a week later. I am currently on Season 3 and so far enjoying it!

3. Female Criminals | This podcasts is really unlike most because it covers crimes that have been committed by women! Most of the time we think of men committing crimes, but this podcasts covers cases from all around the world where women are the criminals. It is wild, insanely interesting and covers cases that aren’t super popular!

4. Ear Hustle | This is a newer addition to my library but so far I have been really enjoying it! It’s different than these other podcasts I am mentioning because it’s not technically “true crime.” This podcasts brings you stories about those living their life inside prison walls. This is VERY raw, honest, emotional and authentic. I haven’t come across another podcast like this one!

5. My Favorite Murder | This podcast is very well known and a favorite amongst many! With new episodes each week, Karen and Georgia pick a true crime story and discuss it with each other! No one in my life except my mom enjoys true crime so this podcasts makes me feel as if I am sitting in a coffee shop with some friends discussing true crime stories! I feel like Karen and Georgia make these very dark crime stories into something more enjoyable and “entertaining” without being distasteful or disrespectful.

6. Criminal | If “My Favorite Murderer” isn’t work you, you may enjoy this one more. This is very professionally produced and is very straight to the point. I do wish these episodes were longer because sometimes I feel like I am wanting more information about the case but for 30 minutes you do get quite a bit of information. There are also so many episodes to choose from that you can easily fill up a long plane or car ride with this podcast alone. Pheobe (the host) is also incredibly calm and a very smooth talker so it’s enjoyable to listen to her report on the stories.

7. Generation Why | Generation Why is a great podcast because it covers a lot of cases that aren’t “mainstream.” Every time I listen to this podcast, I learn about a new case and I really love that about this one! These podcasts are on the longer side and packed full with information! Sometimes the hosts, Aaron and Justin can ramble on a bit about theories or ideas but I often find them brining new ideas to the table that I may not have considered to begin with!

If you are a true crime podcast lover as well, I would love to hear your favorites so please leave me a comment below! Thank you for reading and I hope y’all have a blessed day! xoxo

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