When moving to San Francisco, it was important to me to have a space where I could do my makeup and get ready in the morning. After living in college dorm rooms and many small apartments, I know how to maximize a small space – keep reading for tips on that!

I was strongly against going the Ikea route with furniture because I wanted something more that was more chic, slim and furniture pieces I could see myself using for years to come. Plus, this is literally where I get ready every single morning so I was willing to invest in some of the pieces and I am so happy with the way it turned out!


Desk(on sale – 20% off!): Audrey Mini Desk

Wall Mirror(on sale – 18% off!): Wayfair House of Hamptons Gold Accent Mirror

Desk Mirror(on sale – 20% off!): Modern Gold and Stone Vanity Mirror

Makeup Brush Holders: Gold Pencil Cup & Marble and Gold Pencil Cup

Acrylic Makeup Drawer Storage: Sorbus Makeup & Jewelry Storage Unit

Acrylic Lipstick Holder: 18 Space Lipstick Holder

Pink Ottoman(on sale – 60% off!): World Market Pink Pastel Tuffed Velvet Storage Ottoman

In Drawer Organizers: Amazon Clear 6 Sectioned Organizer

Faux Gold Sparkle Cow Hide: Overstock Faux Cow Hide

Working with a small space can sometimes be very challenging although I do have a few tips to share!

  1. Utilize mirrors – The mirror I have(Wayfair House of Hamptons Gold Accent Mirror) adds length to the wall and mirrors in general make any room look bigger because of the reflection. You can see in the reflection of the mirrors on my desk that I also have a black one on my dresser. Although it doesn’t “add” space, it makes the room look more spacious.
  2. Keep it Neutral – neutral rooms always look bigger. More airy and lightweight on the eye so sticking with a neutral color palette is key!
  3. Writing Desk vs. “Work” Desk – The desk I have(Audrey Mini Desk) is actually considered a writing desk so it isn’t a normal sized desk. It is only 18” deep so it doesn’t have a ton of depth but it totally works! After looking at many options, this is the one I went with because it provided enough space for what I needed but didn’t clog up the room. Work with furniture that proportionally fits the room.
  4. Work Vertical – Adding height to the room allows for more space. As you can see with my acrylic makeup storage units, I stacked them on top of one another instead of next to each other. Also,having that little storage unit on the bottom of my desk mirror allows me to store most of my daily skincare. It’s a simple tip but works wonders!
  5. Slide Aways – I’m not sure what the technical term is but having chairs or ottomans that can slide under a desk will provide more space and keep the area more clean while not in use. The pink ottoman I have works perfectly under my desk(Audrey Mini Desk ) plus it is also a storage unit so it serves multiple purposes(another tip – find pieces that are dual purpose!!).
  6. Declutter Often – At my vanity I only store the makeup I use on a weekly basis. This can be hard with my job considering I am a “beauty blogger” (or whatever you want to call me LOL) and I do have quite the collection but I am very particular about what goes on my desk. This tip goes for anything, not just a vanity!
  7. Plan – We took our time designing our whole apartment and I drew up floor plan models on how to design the space to maximize our square footage. It took a few months to find the pieces of furniture we wanted but planning ahead and NOT making “impulse purchases” will help! Think critically about your space and plan ahead.

If you have any other tips you would like to share, please leave them down below. I’m sure there are more but these are a few that I have learned work in any given space and everyone can use! xoxo

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and I am not being paid to mention any brand(s) and/or product(s). Also, the codes mentioned are affiliate code and some of these links are affiliate links! 


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