My Favorite Healthy Picks from Trader Joe’s!

Today I am sharing with y’all my favorite healthy picks from Trader Joes. Get ready to screenshot for your next shopping trip!

The Peanut Butter Granola and Nonfat Greek Yogurt are some of my go-to’s. I love eating this for breakfast or even desert. The yogurt is the best tasting yogurt I have ever had and it has great macros as well. Add some berries or bananas to your yogurt bowl for a yummy healthy breakfast option!

I had never heard of these before but decided to pick them up one day and now I always buy them. If you love tomatoes, you might like these. I love to snack on them or throw them in my salads. They are sweet and juicy but also have a tang to them. SO GOOD!

One of my new favorite finds, Jicama wraps! So random but SO good. These are very thin, small wraps that you can use for breakfast tacos, lunch wraps, dinner tacos etc. They kinda taste and feel like a very thin apple slice. I love using these as a lower-carb alternative to tortillas for my tacos.

This is my protein powder. I mix two scoops of protein powder, 1/2 of a banana and almond milk to my shake. I drink it 1-2x per day and love it. It tastes like a yummy chocolate shake but it is very low in carbs and fats and high in protein.

Shoutout to Kathleen Barnes for recommending this on Instagram Stories. I bought it and haven’t looked back since. I love mixing this dressing on my salads. It is delicious! Don’t let the color or texture scare you off, it is much better than what it looks!

During quarantine, my boyfriend made us a pizza one night with this crust and it was delicious! He added the Trader Joes pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella, sliced onion, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, black olives and olive oil. It takes 10 minutes to cook and is great for nights when you don’t have time to really cook something up.

If you haven’t tried these, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. I know they say protein pancakes and yes, they have more protein that your usual Bisquick, but you would never know. You get that extra protein but they still have that fluffy goodness like traditional pancakes. I always add bananas for banana pancakes. They are our special weekend treat.

My best friend is from the Middle East and once I tried her mom’s hummus, I have never been able to eat “normal” hummus. I need some spices and flavor in it. This is delicious with Pita Bread, chips or veggies. I could honestly eat it with a spoon!

Trader Joes offers two different Ginger Beers. One is very carb heavy, whereas this one is low. Now, I am someone that would rather eat my carbs than drink them so I go for the low carb one. I use this to mix into my homemade jalapeño margarita mule. I will share that recipe soon.

Another must-have for my homemade jalapeño margarita mule. I use this as a mixer but it is so refreshing alone. It is sweet but has a kick to it at the end. So unique and one of those hidden gems at Trader Joes.

Moving on to seasonings, this hands down the best seasoning Trader Joes has to offer in my opinion. This is delicious and works with so many different flavors. This is a key ingredient to my famous avocado toast, my boyfriend loves to put it on his eggs, we load our taco salads with this & more. It has a strong lime taste to it with a kick of spice. SO GOOD.

Another hidden gem at Trader Joes. This is basically Taco Bell sauce. I smother this all over my tacos and taco salad. This, plus sriracha, yes ma’am.

I am realizing I am sharing with you all of my must have seasonings for tacos but who doesn’t love tacos? This is what I love to put on-top of my veggies when making my peppers, onions, corn etc. This is not spicy so I always have to add extra spice but it is a great base.

I literally just ate one of these! This is my go-to desert. They are only 100 calories and they are a pretty big popsicle. The base is strawberry and then it has little clusters of granola in the bar. It is so refreshing and the perfect “night-cap” for my sweet tooth.

Now, these are not the healthiest option but they aren’t bad! This is my boyfriends go-to dessert. They are good but I could easily eat this whole box so I go for my yogurt bars, he goes for his banana dippers!

Doggie treats! My pup Bailey LOVES these. They are big cookies so I break them up and use them for training. She will do anything for one of these treats.

Lastly, I had to add flowers to this list. Trader Joes has such a beautiful selection of flowers. I always buy fresh flowers when I go to the grocery store. I love having them in the house and while in quarantine, it has been something small that I could get for myself each week. Fresh flowers always make me happy and Trader Joes currently has a beautiful selection of peonies.

That wraps up my list of must have items at Trader Joes! I hope you enjoyed this and if you have any favorites, let us know! xo