My Trader Joes Salad – SO GOOD!

My Trader Joes Salad – SO GOOD!

To say I’ve been eating this salad on repeat would be a total understatement, I have it almost every day. It’s quick, healthy, easy and this is coming from someone who hates cooking!  

I’ve been sharing this salad on my Instagram stories but wanted to give you the recipe so you could make it at home for yourself! 

All of these items you can purchase at your local Trader Joes. This takes less than 10 minutes to make and is great for meal prepping food for work or a busy day. 

What You Need :

  1. Lettuce Mix of your choice
  2. Broccoli & Kale Slaw – even if you hate kale, still try it! 
  3. Bell Peppers
  4. Tomatoes 
  5. Cucumber
  6. Onion (if you like a little spicy kick)
  7. Feta Cheese
  8. Olive Oil
  9. Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend
  10. Protein of your choice (optional)

I like to step by step create my salad, I know, totally weird but I like layers to my salads. So I will first put my lettuce mix at the bottom of my bowl. I put a healthy amount because I like a lot of volume to my salads.

Next, I take the Broccoli and Kale Slaw (I use everything in this mix, it is SO good even on its own) and put that right on top of lettuce mix. I put about 1/3 of the bag. 

Then I add all of my toppings. I love bell pepper, tomatoes and cucumbers. They are some of my favorite veggies so I sprinkle a lot of them on top. 

Then I like to put my feta cheese on top of the veggies. For my dressing, I drizzle some olive oil and bagel sesame seasoning blend and girl, you are good to go.

I’m not picky with the portion size of each item because typically this is my biggest source of veggies during the day, so I use a lot. I just eyeball the cheese, oil and seasoning. Do what makes your heart happy – you need a lot of cheese, put a lot of cheese! If you try this, let me know what you think down below! xoxo

DIY Affordable Gallery Wall – Under $100

DIY Affordable Gallery Wall – Under $100


Organizers: Nail, Hook, Hardware Storage | Tool Kit: Kobalt Household Tool Kit – wanted to share this incase you are living in an apartment or dorm room. It is great, has all the basics you will need but doesn’t take up much room!

Picture Frames: 11×14 Black Wood Picture Frames – let me tell y’all, these are a GEM at Target!! Only $20 per frame and they are a dupe for the infamous CB2 Frames that are $65+ a pop! Now don’t get me wrong, I love the CB2 frames because they are square, come in more sizes and I even have some in my bedroom but these are just as beautiful and since I knew I was buying so many, I wanted to cut the price down.

These were a bit of a pain in the butt to nail because there are two hooks at the top and there isn’t enough wood frame to just hang it on the frame itself so it took some trial and error (sorry landlord LOL)

Sweater: Casual Fit Long Sleeve Sweater (S) | Denim: Lucky Authentic Straight Crop Jeans | LipstickPersona Cosmetics OG Liquid Lipstick – my go to nude

We went to Walgreens to print some photos out. These were size 11×14 and if you have never used Walgreens photo, it is super easy. You upload your photo online and then they print them out with whatever size you need within 2 hours! It is quick and the quality is perfect. I know CVS does this as well if you live closer to one of those. I’ve used both and don’t really prefer one over the other!


I think the wall turned out perfect and it looks SO much better than before! I need to have a conversation with whoever put that stupid breaker box in the middle of a living room! LOL, apartment life at it’s finest am I right?! All in all, the wall cost less than $100 to make(including prints) and is the perfect DYI for a weekend project!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and I am not being paid to mention any brand(s) and/or product(s). Also, the codes mentioned are affiliate code and some of these links are affiliate links! 

How to Create YouTube Videos – Equipment & Tips!

How to Create YouTube Videos – Equipment & Tips!

Today I am going to be sharing all of the equipment that I use for filming my YouTube videos. I have been filming YouTube videos for the past four years now and have learned a lot about equipment through trial and error, research and experimenting. I get questions almost daily about the equipment I do use so I figured this would be the easiest way to share everything.

I also plan on sharing the equipment I use to create my Instagram content(including IGTV’s, product shots, makeup shots, etc.). Some of the equipment is the same but I will cover all of that soon in another blog post. For now lets dive into ALL of the equipment I use to create my YouTube videos!

Camera and Lens  

The main camera I use to shoot with is my Canon 80D. This was an investment however I am obsessed with it. I have had it for 2 years and see myself having it for a very long time. I specifically use this camera for all of my YouTube videos and some of my Instagram content. I never use my iPhone because the quality of the camera vs. iPhone is unbeatable. I use this camera for my thumbnails as well. I would highly recommend investing in a DSLR camera if you are a blogger or content creator. Worth every single penny and you will not regret it!

When I bought the Canon 80D I did not buy the stock lens, I did upgrade. I use the Canon 17-40mm lens and reason why is because I wanted it to work for both videography, photography and I also wanted a wide angle lens.

Tripod & Backdrops

My tripod is probably the cheapest one on the planet but I never felt the need to invest in one since all of my content is mostly taken indoors and in the same spot. Plus, if I ever want to shoot outside, I frame my schedule so that I have people to help me if needed. Therefore, investing in a tripod just never made much sense to me. TIP! Invest in what you feel YOU need, not what is “popular.”

When I was using more of a professional style backdrops in my YouTube videos, I used this kit. It’s from Amazon and extremely affordable! Buyer be warned, it is NOT the best quality. I bought this because I was preparing for a move and selling furniture and I figured backdrops would be better than a blank wall so I bought it. It is extremely flimsy and can be hard to work with when hanging up fabric so I would recommend putting sand bags on top of the stand legs. This is a situation where you totally get what you pay for but if you are in a pinch like I was, it does work. 

I think in general, backdrops look amazing in YouTube videos, especially beauty videos. I would highly recommend them because it adds a less cluttered, more professional feel to the videos. If I had the space, I would still be using them. Example below.

I use to get all of my backdrop fabric from Joann’s Fabric Store – download their app so you can save money with coupons! You want to make sure the fabric has some stretch to it so it can wrap around the backdrop. The kit above also comes with the clamps so you can attach the fabric to the stand – you can also buy more here. If you want, you can also purchase legitimate paper backdrops however fabric works just as well, is a fraction of the price and is easier to store! 


So if you have been watching my YouTube content recently, I no longer use artificial lighting simply because there is not enough room in my apartment so I do rely on natural lighting now. However, I used artificial lighting for years and these are the lights I use.

  1. Ring Light: This would be in the center, directly in-front of my face. My camera also attached to the top of the stand.
  2. Soft Boxes(set of 2): I would angle these facing me so one on the left and one on the right – picture below.
  3. Ladybug Light (would recommend this for backdrops – it gives a nice halo effect behind you and is very flattering. Also adds dimension to the fabric backdrop)

Editing Software

When it comes to my YouTube videos, I use Final Cut Pro. This is about $300 and if you are serious about editing I would recommend it. I had to buy this while I was in college because I was a Film and Digital Media student however, unless you are looking to do some crazy advance editing, you don’t need this. Even for the content I produce today, I could easily get away with using iMovie. It comes free with the Apple Computers and that would be my recommendation for creating content like mine. FCP isn’t a need. 

Other Random Equipment I Use

Microphone: I only use this for YouTube videos and I would highly recommend investing in a mic. It truly does make a world of difference. Although the reviews on this one are all over the place, I’ve had mine for three years and have had no issue with it. 

Microphone #2: This one is for voiceovers. I use to use it more back in the day when tutorials were more popular, but figured I would share it anyways. I actually really like this and it is very easy to use. 

Reflector: This disc reflector actually works like a charm for studio lighting or outside. This helps even out the light especially under your chin. A secret little addition that makes the overall image look better and for $12, it’s worth it. 

iPhone: I do have the iPhone 7 Plus – I refuse to let go of my home button. APPLE BRING IT BACK. I will most likely be upgrading to the 11 PRO here shortly due to how incredible the camera features are.

Computer: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) – This is my model. I bought it while I was in college and it has lasted me 5 years now. This computer is my baby. For editing videos, I really would suggest looking into MacBooks. Yes, they are expensive but they are so worth it. I recommend 15 inch screen as well for editing.

Memory Card: Buy 1000 of these, so you always have backs ups and can always find at least one. You will thank me later lol

External Hard Drive: This is important to have if you are doing blogging/content creation full time. I have had so many situations come up where a brand wants a photo I took weeks ago but no longer have it. Now I save every single piece of content I create to my external drives. It also pays off if you ever need to build a portfolio or you are applying for a new job position. Save your work. You will thank me later. 

That is all of the equipment I currently use and have used in the past for my YouTube videos. If you are doing YouTube full time, I do recommend investing in your equipment. It makes a world of difference and will pay off in the future! If you are starting out, I would recommend investing in a camera first, everything else can come later. Anyways, I hope this was helpful and if you have any further questions leave them in the comments below! xoxo 

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and I am not being paid to mention any brand(s) and/or product(s). Also, the codes mentioned are affiliate code and some of these links are affiliate links! 



In order of swatches top to bottom: Persona Cosmetics Honey Lip Gloss, Dose of Colors Supernatural Liquid Lipstick, Dose of Colors Knock on Wood Liquid Lipstick, Dose of Colors Escape Lip Liner

I first line my lips, then apply Knock on Wood all over. Just in the center I apply Supernatural and then top with Honey. This has been one of my go to lip combo’s that I have been wearing in most of my blog posts and LiketoKnow.It posts.


These have become must haves for living in San Francisco. I bought this purse for the city because it has a zipper that zips all across the top and it made me feel safer when walking around the city! Pickpockets are a thing here so having this purse has made me overall feel more comfortable. Plus it is rain proof which I’m sure will be helpful once the rainy season comes!

On the other hand, I bought these sneakers for our most recent trip to Europe. I came across someones blog who recommended them specifically for Europe. Boy was she right. One day in Portugal I walked over 27,000 steps on cobblestone streets and had NO issue. No blisters, no sore feet, nothing. I was in shock! Because of how well they held up in Portugal, they quickly became my favorite sneaker for the city. Super comfy and go with everything!


I am obsessed with Target right now. That is such an understatement but I can’t stay away! I have a whole blog post here that I am consistently updating with fall finds that I personally like!

Grey Outfit – Hat: GigiPip Black Hat (Similar Here & Here) | Top: WhoWhatWear Grey Turtleneck Sweater | Jeans: Zara Boyfriend Fit Denim | Cell Phone Case: HeyDay Snakeskin Case

Leopard Cardigan Outfit: Cardigan: WhoWhatWear Leopard Cardigan | Cell Phone Case: HeyDay Snakeskin Case | Top: Lace Black Cami | Jeans: Zara Boyfriend Fit Denim | Purse: LongChamp Black Tote | Cute Pup: Not included

I also have a whole blog post dedicated to this cardigan that you can view here.


 Zara Boyfriend Fit Denim have become one of my favorite jeans I own. I am wearing them in this blog post here, as well as this one. High waisted, slight distressing and super comfy!

Statement Ring: Fits true to size – currently 54% off!


Purse Dupes(mine is old and no longer available) – Here & Here

I will also be uploading a favorites video on my YouTube channel next week but these are some items that I have purchased over the past few months that I love! I hope you enjoyed! xoxo

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and I am not being paid to mention any brand(s) and/or product(s). Also, the codes mentioned are affiliate code and some of these links are affiliate links! 



When moving to San Francisco, it was important to me to have a space where I could do my makeup and get ready in the morning. After living in college dorm rooms and many small apartments, I know how to maximize a small space – keep reading for tips on that!

I was strongly against going the Ikea route with furniture because I wanted something more that was more chic, slim and furniture pieces I could see myself using for years to come. Plus, this is literally where I get ready every single morning so I was willing to invest in some of the pieces and I am so happy with the way it turned out!


Desk(on sale – 20% off!): Audrey Mini Desk

Wall Mirror(on sale – 18% off!): Wayfair House of Hamptons Gold Accent Mirror

Desk Mirror(on sale – 20% off!): Modern Gold and Stone Vanity Mirror

Makeup Brush Holders: Gold Pencil Cup & Marble and Gold Pencil Cup

Acrylic Makeup Drawer Storage: Sorbus Makeup & Jewelry Storage Unit

Acrylic Lipstick Holder: 18 Space Lipstick Holder

Pink Ottoman(on sale – 60% off!): World Market Pink Pastel Tuffed Velvet Storage Ottoman

In Drawer Organizers: Amazon Clear 6 Sectioned Organizer

Faux Gold Sparkle Cow Hide: Overstock Faux Cow Hide

Working with a small space can sometimes be very challenging although I do have a few tips to share!

  1. Utilize mirrors – The mirror I have(Wayfair House of Hamptons Gold Accent Mirror) adds length to the wall and mirrors in general make any room look bigger because of the reflection. You can see in the reflection of the mirrors on my desk that I also have a black one on my dresser. Although it doesn’t “add” space, it makes the room look more spacious.
  2. Keep it Neutral – neutral rooms always look bigger. More airy and lightweight on the eye so sticking with a neutral color palette is key!
  3. Writing Desk vs. “Work” Desk – The desk I have(Audrey Mini Desk) is actually considered a writing desk so it isn’t a normal sized desk. It is only 18” deep so it doesn’t have a ton of depth but it totally works! After looking at many options, this is the one I went with because it provided enough space for what I needed but didn’t clog up the room. Work with furniture that proportionally fits the room.
  4. Work Vertical – Adding height to the room allows for more space. As you can see with my acrylic makeup storage units, I stacked them on top of one another instead of next to each other. Also,having that little storage unit on the bottom of my desk mirror allows me to store most of my daily skincare. It’s a simple tip but works wonders!
  5. Slide Aways – I’m not sure what the technical term is but having chairs or ottomans that can slide under a desk will provide more space and keep the area more clean while not in use. The pink ottoman I have works perfectly under my desk(Audrey Mini Desk ) plus it is also a storage unit so it serves multiple purposes(another tip – find pieces that are dual purpose!!).
  6. Declutter Often – At my vanity I only store the makeup I use on a weekly basis. This can be hard with my job considering I am a “beauty blogger” (or whatever you want to call me LOL) and I do have quite the collection but I am very particular about what goes on my desk. This tip goes for anything, not just a vanity!
  7. Plan – We took our time designing our whole apartment and I drew up floor plan models on how to design the space to maximize our square footage. It took a few months to find the pieces of furniture we wanted but planning ahead and NOT making “impulse purchases” will help! Think critically about your space and plan ahead.

If you have any other tips you would like to share, please leave them down below. I’m sure there are more but these are a few that I have learned work in any given space and everyone can use! xoxo

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and I am not being paid to mention any brand(s) and/or product(s). Also, the codes mentioned are affiliate code and some of these links are affiliate links! 

True Crime Podcasts | 2019

I absolutely love listening to podcasts on my phone because they are a great way to pass time, free to use and there are 1,000 different topics to choose from. Today I’m going to be sharing with y’all my favorite true crime podcasts! I will continue to update this as I find more and please share yours down below!!

  1. Cold | This podcast is all about the heartbreaking disappearance of Susan Powell. Susan disappeared in 2009 in Utah and still to this day is considered a missing person. This podcast dives into Susans life and takes us through the process of the investigation. This is definitely for those who enjoy learning about missing person cases and is not for the faint of heart!

2. Serial | Serial was the first true crime podcast I had ever listened to and would listen to it every day during my college “walking class” (yay for classes that provide you absolutely no benefit and are a complete waste of time but a “requirement” for college). I quickly became hooked on true crime podcasts after listening to the Adnan Syed case and finished Season 2 a week later. I am currently on Season 3 and so far enjoying it!

3. Female Criminals | This podcasts is really unlike most because it covers crimes that have been committed by women! Most of the time we think of men committing crimes, but this podcasts covers cases from all around the world where women are the criminals. It is wild, insanely interesting and covers cases that aren’t super popular!

4. Ear Hustle | This is a newer addition to my library but so far I have been really enjoying it! It’s different than these other podcasts I am mentioning because it’s not technically “true crime.” This podcasts brings you stories about those living their life inside prison walls. This is VERY raw, honest, emotional and authentic. I haven’t come across another podcast like this one!

5. My Favorite Murder | This podcast is very well known and a favorite amongst many! With new episodes each week, Karen and Georgia pick a true crime story and discuss it with each other! No one in my life except my mom enjoys true crime so this podcasts makes me feel as if I am sitting in a coffee shop with some friends discussing true crime stories! I feel like Karen and Georgia make these very dark crime stories into something more enjoyable and “entertaining” without being distasteful or disrespectful.

6. Criminal | If “My Favorite Murderer” isn’t work you, you may enjoy this one more. This is very professionally produced and is very straight to the point. I do wish these episodes were longer because sometimes I feel like I am wanting more information about the case but for 30 minutes you do get quite a bit of information. There are also so many episodes to choose from that you can easily fill up a long plane or car ride with this podcast alone. Pheobe (the host) is also incredibly calm and a very smooth talker so it’s enjoyable to listen to her report on the stories.

7. Generation Why | Generation Why is a great podcast because it covers a lot of cases that aren’t “mainstream.” Every time I listen to this podcast, I learn about a new case and I really love that about this one! These podcasts are on the longer side and packed full with information! Sometimes the hosts, Aaron and Justin can ramble on a bit about theories or ideas but I often find them brining new ideas to the table that I may not have considered to begin with!

If you are a true crime podcast lover as well, I would love to hear your favorites! Please leave me a comment below and I will continue to update this as I discover more! Thank you for reading and I hope y’all have a blessed day! xoxo