My New Piercing | Forward Helix

My New Piercing | Forward Helix

I shared with y’all on IG stories that I recently got my forward helix pierced and I had so many questions about it so I figured I would share all the details on here. I have been wanting a new piercing for a while and was trying to decide between getting my rook or my forward helix. Obviously I went with the forward helix because I felt like it was less noticeable, very delicate and a unique piercing that would complete my right ear. I’m really happy I went with the forward helix instead of the rook, I love it so much!

Where I Got it Pierced?

I got mine pierced at the Rose Gold Tattoo Parlor in Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. This is my go-to place for all things tattoos and piercings. I would highly recommend them if you live in the area or if you are visiting San Francisco. The facility is so clean, provides incredible service and they have a beautiful selection of BVLA jewelry. You can check out their reviews here and Instagram.

The Process & Pain Level

So for the piercing itself, it was super quick and very easy! My piercer Allana, was so quick with the actual piercing of the ear to putting in the piece of jewelry. The entire process was over in less than 30 seconds! I did feel a slight pinch to the ear but I wouldn’t say it hurt. Honestly, I would give it a 1 out of 10 in terms of pain. I’ve stubbed my toe and that’s hurts more than getting this piercing lol but really, it didn’t hurt. If you have your earlobes or cartilage pierced, this didn’t feel any different. However with that being said, I do believe I have a high pain tolerance and I have been told that many times before. Pain level is such a personal experience so what could be a 1 for me, could be a 10 for you. This is also my 12th piercing so your girl has some experience lol

Jewelry Info

The piece of jewelry I picked is from BVLA. One of my favorite things about Rose Gold is that you can get pierced with high quality jewelry that you actually love instead of an ugly silver barbell post. Mine is 14k gold with a small diamond in the center of it. I love how dainty it is and it matches perfectly with my other earrings.

Forward Helix | Rings | First Earlobe | Second Earlobe | Third Earlobe | Cartilage

Healing Process

I’ve had this piercing for almost a full month now so I can only speak on what it has been like so far. The first 36 hours I did have a horrible headache on the right side of my head which I do believe was a side effect to the piercing because I am not prone to headaches. This was super annoying and was more painful than the piercing itself. I have been very cautious about sleeping on it since Allana recommended to stay off of it for a couple weeks. This is probably the hardest because I am a side sleeper. I do notice if sleep on it, sometimes I wake up and it is a little bit swollen and red. The third week, I did notice a little bit of white puss coming out of it but after a few sea salt soaks, that went away within 24 hours. So far the healing has been really easy considering this is a cartilage piercing and my ears are incredibly sensitive.

I will update this post once the piercing is fully healed but that can take anywhere from 4-6 months so stay tuned. If you are interested in what cleaning solution I am using, it’s this one. The studio recommends this, it’s available on Amazon for re-purchase and so far it has been working really well for me. I love how big the bottle is so it lasts quite a while. All in all, I love this piercing and would totally recommend it! xoxo



In order of swatches top to bottom: Persona Cosmetics Honey Lip Gloss, Dose of Colors Supernatural Liquid Lipstick, Dose of Colors Knock on Wood Liquid Lipstick, Dose of Colors Escape Lip Liner

I first line my lips, then apply Knock on Wood all over. Just in the center I apply Supernatural and then top with Honey. This has been one of my go to lip combo’s that I have been wearing in most of my blog posts and LiketoKnow.It posts.


These have become must haves for living in San Francisco. I bought this purse for the city because it has a zipper that zips all across the top and it made me feel safer when walking around the city! Pickpockets are a thing here so having this purse has made me overall feel more comfortable. Plus it is rain proof which I’m sure will be helpful once the rainy season comes!

On the other hand, I bought these sneakers for our most recent trip to Europe. I came across someones blog who recommended them specifically for Europe. Boy was she right. One day in Portugal I walked over 27,000 steps on cobblestone streets and had NO issue. No blisters, no sore feet, nothing. I was in shock! Because of how well they held up in Portugal, they quickly became my favorite sneaker for the city. Super comfy and go with everything!


I am obsessed with Target right now. That is such an understatement but I can’t stay away! I have a whole blog post here that I am consistently updating with fall finds that I personally like!

Grey Outfit – Hat: GigiPip Black Hat (Similar Here & Here) | Top: WhoWhatWear Grey Turtleneck Sweater | Jeans: Zara Boyfriend Fit Denim | Cell Phone Case: HeyDay Snakeskin Case

Leopard Cardigan Outfit: Cardigan: WhoWhatWear Leopard Cardigan | Cell Phone Case: HeyDay Snakeskin Case | Top: Lace Black Cami | Jeans: Zara Boyfriend Fit Denim | Purse: LongChamp Black Tote | Cute Pup: Not included

I also have a whole blog post dedicated to this cardigan that you can view here.


 Zara Boyfriend Fit Denim have become one of my favorite jeans I own. I am wearing them in this blog post here, as well as this one. High waisted, slight distressing and super comfy!

Statement Ring: Fits true to size – currently 54% off!


Purse Dupes(mine is old and no longer available) – Here & Here

I will also be uploading a favorites video on my YouTube channel next week but these are some items that I have purchased over the past few months that I love! I hope you enjoyed! xoxo

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