Daily Skincare Routine 2019

Today I am sharing with y’all my skincare routine accompanied by a YouTube video! I am breaking down the products I use every single day to achieve glowy, healthy, acne free skin. I had issues with my skin for years and always felt very insecure about it but 2019 I made it a goal to invest my time, energy and focus into skincare and I have definitely noticed a massive difference! I wanted to share with you a step by step breakdown on how I use these products and when I use them throughout my routine. All of these products are cruelty free and I have been testing them out for months, some I have been using for years.

Step 1: If I am wearing makeup, I always start with either the Dermalogica PreCleanse Oil or the PreCleanse Balm at the end of my day. Both of these products break down makeup and I apply it on dry skin. I do prefer the balm because I feel like it breaks down the harder makeup like lash glue, glitter and liquid liner.

Step 2: After applying the precleanse, I go in with the Special Cleansing Gel. I use this morning and night every single day. This is a very gentle cleanser that leaves my skin feeling so clean but does not strip my skin. Double cleansing has really helped me overall with the production of acne on my skin. I feel like that is a skincare technique everyone should be doing but again, do you own research on it.

Step 3: After I cleanse my skin, I go in with the Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner. This is a chemical exfoliant which is better for your skin than a physical exfoliant because it doesn’t damage your skin. This is a glycolic acid toner which gently removes the dead skin cells on your face and leaves a fresher, brighter more glowy layer to the face. Overall, this has significantly helped me with the dark spots I have had accumulated over the years by lightening them up. I did need to use this for a solid 6 months before I noticed any difference with my skin. Skincare takes time to actually work, be patient! I use this morning and night right after cleansing my skin.

Step 4: Next is moisturizer. I love the Ole Henriksen C Rush Brightening Gel Cream. This is a great day time moisturizer that works well for all skin types. It is lightweight, gentle and refreshing on the skin. I also love the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream. This is best for dry skin and is incredible. Holy grail status right here. I apply this either at night or day time before my makeup. It depends how my skin is doing and if I need that extra help. I feel like since it is so much more dry here in California than Texas, I will be using this A LOT this upcoming winter. I always moisturize my skin, morning and night. If needed at night I will accompany the moisturize with an oil.

Step 5: Eye cream has become a MUST for me. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream is such an amazing product and you can always tell the difference when you use this product. It plumps up the under eyes, reduces wrinkles, rejuvenates the skin and makes your under eye makeup look 10x better. I use this after moisturizer only a night. I find it a tad too thick and emollient for day time.

Step 6: Sunscreen is a tough product for me because I am so weird with the textures of products. I really hate most sunscreens and never really use to wear them, until I did my research lol SUNSCREEN IS SO IMPORTANT! I try to remember to use it everyday after moisturizer although sometimes I do forget honestly. The Dermalogica Clear Start Mattifying Moisturizer SPF 30 Sunscreen has become a must have for me because it does not feel like a typical sunscreen. It is lightweight, non-greasy and does not break me out! The name of the product is somewhat misleading because it is not going to mattifying the skin, it just isn’t the typical greasy sunscreen. Works great for all skin types in my opinion.

Extra Steps: These last two products I use as needed. The Kate Somerville Anti-Bac Clearing Lotion is a product that I will use when my skin needs a little help. If I am seeing more breakouts than usual I will use this product. It is a benzoyl peroxide treatment which basically kills the bacteria on your skin so acne can not form. Benzoyl peroxide works very well with my skin. This is a product I can only use a few times a week at night because it can dry out my skin but if I have been wearing a lot of makeup, not taking care of my skin, drinking less water, time of the month, eating like crap etc. this is when I will use the product! Then the Bite Agave Lip Mask has been something just recently that I have been needing to use almost every single night. Unfortunately Northern California has been dealing with some massive wild fires and for some reason, the smoke in the air has caused my lips to be painfully chapped. Every night I slather this on and I wake up with softer, hydrated, and overall better lips. They also have a bomb holiday kit that I would highly recommend. It comes with 3 products and is only $14. Such a deal!

I hope this step by step breakdown was helpful for you and gives you insight on how I apply these products to my skin. I would highly recommend if you are struggling with your skin, do your research and/or visit a doctor. I am such a student when it comes to this topic and only know what works for me so thats all I can speak to. I hope you did enjoy this nonetheless and I hope you have a blessed rest of your day! xoxo

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and I am not being paid to mention any brand(s) and/or product(s). Also, the codes mentioned are affiliate code and some of these links are affiliate links!



The annual Fall VIB sale is here at Sephora! Today I am sharing with y’all all the details you need to know about the sale, as well as my recommendations! I broke it up into skincare, holiday sets(these are bomb af this year), and then makeup. I also did film a YouTube video showcasing some of the products in action for you. I really hope all this information is helpful!

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  1. Ole Henriksen PHAT Glow Facial Mask: One of my new favorite skin care items, this will leave your skin feeling so plump and smooth. It’s the perfect pamper night mask!
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream: my nighttime eye cream. It is super thick and leaves my under-eyes looking so plump and hydrated in the morning. This also makes my concealer (any concealer) look bomb. I can always tell that my under eyes look worse when I don’t use this product. I try to use it every-night but sometimes I do forget tbh.
  3. Tatcha The Dewy Skin Cream: My daily moisturizer and prep before I put on makeup. If you have dry skin, I would HIGHLY recommend this. Plus, Kim K uses it so like you know it’s good lol
  4. Dermalogica Clearing Defense SPF 30: This is the only sunscreen I like. Don’t judge me, I know how important sunscreen is but I use to NEVER wear it. I know I know. But I hate the texture of almost all sunscreens and this is the only one that doesn’t have that greasy, sticky, gooey texture. It says matte but it’s not like a matte foundation where it dries down and sucks up all the oil, it just feels like a lotion.
  5. Ole Henriksen C Rush Brightening Gel Creme: love this for a daily moisturizer when I am not wearing makeup. I use it as well for makeup base prep. It smells delicious and is a great moisturizer. I would say this would work for both dry & oily skin.
  6. Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse Balm: A MUST HAVE. Forget your wipes and switch to this cleanser, it is so bomb. It removes every single ounce of makeup. I use this every single day.
  7. Dermalogica Special Cleaning Gel: This is my daily cleanser, I use nothing else. It is worth every single penny and has drastically helped with the overall look and feel of my skin. Morning and night, I look forward to using this every day!
  8. Kate Somerville Anti-Bac Clearing Lotion: If you suffer from acne, I would recommend trying this. It is a benzoyl peroxide product which basically kills all bacteria so pimples/acne can’t form. I use this every other night as needed.
  9. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator: This is a great physical exfoliant that does not destroy the skin. It is very gentle and really does help get rid of all the dead skin and bacteria. I LOVE this product. Use it about 1-2x per week.
  10. Dermalogica PreCleanse Cleansing Oil: This is an oil that removes makeup. I prefer the balm (listed above) but this also works just as well. I feel like I go through this one quicker.
  11. Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance Moisturizer: If you are looking for INTENSE moisture, try this. I love using it in the winter and especially now living in California, I feel like I will need A LOT of this for winter lol


The gift sets this year are SO impressive. Usually I skip over them, but I feel like this year you can get a lot of full size products, save money and get limited edition products, I love it!

I think gift sets / holiday kits in general are a great gift to give or receive. Just a tip – if you have a few friends or maybe you are playing Secret Santa this year, buy 2-3 of these sets and split them up! It can save you money and you can get your friends a few products to try, rather than just one.

  1. Bite Beauty All Agave 3-Piece Lip Care Set: I already bought two of these for one set to live in my purse, the other on my nightstand. Since being in dry weather, my lips have been struggling and have been painfully chapped. The lip mask that comes in this set is incredible and makes my lips so hydrated / healed.
  2. Tarte Merry Metals Brush Set: I thought this was a GREAT deal, especially considering that is the same price of ONE BRUSH!
  3. Fenty Beauty Bomb Baby 2 Mini Lip Gloss & Highlighter Set: This is a cute set! I love their glosses and highlighters!
  4. Charlotte Tilbury Gift of Pillow Talk Lips: The famous Pillow Talk set! I thought this was a good deal!
  5. Tarte Chrome for the Holidays Set: I’ve had SO many people recommend these to me and I’ve seen many people recommend them!
  6. Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips 2 Mini Lip Set: The packaging alone kills me LOL I LOVE IT! These are mini but would make a good gift to give!
  7. Hourglass Scattered Lights Glitter Eyeshadow Holiday Trio: I think I am going to pick this up. Ive been thinking about the burgundy one all week long LOL I think I need that color.
  8. Urban Decay Setting Spray Duo Set: The best long lasting setting spray. Love it.
  9. Fenty Beauty Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Set: This set is incredible. The gloss bombs are amazing and they came out with new colors just for this set!!!
  10. Anastasia Beverly Hills Melt-Proof Brow Kit: (they also have the Ombré Brow Kit & the Best Brows Ever Kit): If you use ABH brow products, this looks like a great set to have!
  1. Tatcha Skincare for Makeup Lovers: Dewy Glow Set: HAD to share this. Glowy skin is huge right now and I am all about it. This set includes some of the staples from Tatcha.
  2. Slip Sleepmask: This is also a great set! I feel like the price is very good considering the pillowcase alone is quite expensive.
  3. Dermalogica Ultimate Cleanse and Glow Trio: This literally has all of my favorite products in one LOL
  4. Summer Fridays Merry & Brighter Mask Set: Jet Lag mask is a must and it is full size in this set!
  5. Nest Fragrances Rollerball Collection: Nest fragrances are cruelty free and my favorite is Wild Poppy!
  6. Mario Badescu The Icons: Drying Lotion & Rose Facial Spray Duo: Truly the icons. The drying lotion is great for acne and the rose facial spray is a great hydrating/refresh spray
  7. Sol de Janerio Bum Bum Carnaval Getaway Set: They also have this set available as well!
  8. Ole Henriksen Oh My Glow Brightening Set: Yes to glowy skin! This has all of Ole staples for glowy skin! I love the C Rush Brightening cream!
  9. Charlotte Tilbury Gift of Magic Skin Mini Set: GREAT set. I lover her Magic skin line and use her eye cream every single night. I also use the magic cream on my neck!
  10. Kate Somerville Breakout Fighters: If you struggle with acne, there are some great products in this set that I have tried that work well!


  1. Jouer Powder Highlighters: These are intense but the formula is very smooth. My favorite color is Skinny Dip!
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina Eyeshadow Palette: Such a beautiful, unique palette with an incredible formula. Apparently this palette was inspired by the infamous Pat McGrath palettes so if you are cruelty free with your products, this is a great alternative!
  3. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Bath Gloss: Oh these are SO glossy! Such a beautiful formula.
  4. Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray: I love this dry texture spray. It really does help fluff up your hair!
  5. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation (Light Beige): I’ve used this foundation for years but just recently fell back in love with you. It is very lightweight on the skin and provides a medium to full coverage finish. I would recommend this for anyone of all skin types.
  6. Natasha Denona Duo Chrome Top Coat: Once I saw this photo of Gigi Hadid, I immeditately added it to my list of things to buy during the sale because this is what Patrick Ta used on her. Seriously HOW STUNNING.
  7. Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow: This is another formula of a cream shadow that I love! I forgot to mention these in the video I filmed for my YouTube channel so I needed to mention them here.
  8. Sephora Pack it All Bag: The best makeup bag for anyone who travels with a lot of makeup.
  9. Sephora Makeup Organizer: I saw this online and decided to include it because I feel like this is a great price. I’ve seen ones at HomeGoods more expensive than this so I mean like, hello!
  10. Nest Fragrances Wild Poppy Perfume: My favorite cruelty free perfume. This was my summer scent for 2019.
  11. Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette: This palette has definitely become one of my favorites. I love how neutral and wearable it is for day to day wear but then also for date night style looks.
  12. Natasha Denona Biba Eyeshadow Palette: My all time favorite eyeshadow palette. I seriously love this palette so much and for any brides out there, this would be PERFECT for you. Honestly, if I was getting married today, I would use this as my palette. 100%.

If you want to know what eyeshadow palettes I am loving for fall and would recommend, read this post here. I also do have my favorites page which I update frequently on my favorite makeup products in general. You can read that here. There are many products listed in that post that are available at Sephora and you could save some cash on through this sale. Below I’ve listed my past few Sephora VIB sale recommendation videos. I still would recommend all of these products mentioned, but I am seasonal with my makeup and am always finding new products I love! Anyways, I hope this was helpful! xoxo

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and I am not being paid to mention any brand(s) and/or product(s). Also, the codes mentioned are affiliate code and some of these links are affiliate links!