Amazon Prime Gift Guide

Amazon Prime Gift Guide
  1. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Dupe: This is a great price for a LV purse dupe! I would recommend also getting the Purse Organizer listed below (#6) because it is designed for that bag and helps keep you organized!
  2. Mens’ Whiskey Set: For the man in your life who loves some whiskey!
  3. Yeti Travel Mug: We have many of these little travel mug cups and love them!
  4. Wrangler Quarter Zip Pullover: Thought this would be a great gift idea! I just bought my dad something like it for Christmas( this jacket here)!
  5. Coffee Warmer: I thought this was an awesome idea, thinking of getting it for my boyfriend. He could keep it at his office! Love it.
  6. Purse Organizer: Like I stated above, these are designed for big tote bags and they are awesome. They store so much and keep your purse neat and tidy!
  7. Mens Watch Box: I bought this for my boyfriend years ago to store his watches.
  8. Wine Opener: This is the best wine opener! Great gift for parents!
  9. Initial Tote Bag: Great gift idea! My boyfriend got one for my mom last year!
  10. Travel Jewelry Case: for the jewelry lover!
  11. Makeup Mirror: Love the leopard!
  12. Star Wars Collectors Blueprint Book: I got this just last night for my boyfriends dad. I saw this in a little boutique in Waco for over $100 before we moved and figured I could find it cheaper. Sure enough, Amazon has it. It is super cool and I think would make a really unique gift for anyone Star Wars lover!
  13. Slippers: Perfect for the homebody!
  14. iPhone Charging Station: This is super cool. Charges your iPhone, Apple Watch & Airpods!
  15. Mens Braun Shaver: My boyfriends favorite brand of shaver!

Today I am sharing with y’all some of my Amazon Prime gift ideas! I hope this is helpful and provides some unique ideas! I will continue to create more gift guides leading up until Christmas so make sure to check back for more gift ideas and holiday inspo! I hope you are all having a great weekend and and had a Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

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Here are some of my holiday gift guides and amazon favorites videos from my YouTube channel if you need more ideas!

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Gifts for Him – Gift Guide

  1. Barbour Quilted Jacket – this is on Matthew’s wishlist this year!
  2. Herschel Duffle Bag – I bought this for M maybe 2-3 years ago and he still uses it! It is great for weekend travels or a carry on.
  3. Metcon Training Sneakers – his weight training shoes
  4. Patagonia Fleece Vest – every guy in my life owns one of these vests and they all say nothing but amazing things about them! This is great idea for any man of any age!
  5. YSL Cologne Gift Set – this is his cologne!
  6. Apple Air Pods – this is a great unisex gift to give in general – I got them for M 2 years ago for our anniversary and he uses them every single day. While commuting to work, in the office, working out, etc. he loves them and this is one of the most used gifts I’ve given him!
  7. Magnanni Cognac Belt – this is his “special occasion” belt
  8. Timbuk2 Backpack – so I bought M a backpack once we found out we were moving to SF (this one here) but he says these ones are better & bigger so if you have a man in your life that commutes to work or needs a backpack for work, M recommends this one!
  9. Mizzen Main Dress Shirts (40% off!) – these are his work shirts. He SWEARS by these. I’ve bought him a few and he literally wears these every single day. He says they are the most comfortable work shirt he has ever worn!
  10. Yeti Cooler – Ahh this is such a bomb gift. My mom got M one of these for his birthday one year and I swear, I’ve never seen a bigger smile on his face LOL I feel like every adventure / outdoorsy man needs a Yeti cooler, it’s like a dude staple

I plan on doing more of these for the man in your life but hope this helps give you some ideas. M helped me put this together so it has the boyfriend stamp of approval hahah

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored and I am not being paid to mention any brand(s) and/or product(s). Also, the codes mentioned are affiliate code and some of these links are affiliate links!